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Window AC on Hire

A window air conditioner is a common choice among most Indian homes for its affordability factor in comparison to the split AC on hire. It is also a recommended option if you are not living in your own home and move every few years. It is easy to install and remove. In most cases, the air conditioner is installed in the bedroom and the window is boarded up as it won’t shut any longer. This is a bit of an encumbrance, but most people are so thankful for the air conditioner and the cooling during the hot summer nights that they are willing to live with the inconvenience of a not so pleasant looking boarded up window.

Split AC on Rent

The split air conditioner is now gaining popularity in the upper middle class of society as the affordability bracket is rising. It has other advantages as well such as being a great space saver. However, a split air conditioner is definitely not recommended for those who move home often. Installing a split air conditioner is a cumbersome process; the pipes connecting the internal and external unit are usually embedded in the wall.

In the event of relocation, the task of uninstalling the internal unit as well as the fan unit that rests on the outside is a big task. When the split air conditioner needs to be reinstalled at the new location all the pipes and a lot of cables will have to be replaced with new ones as the old ones are rendered unusable depending. At the new site, the location of the split unit and the distance of the outdoor fan unit will determine the length of the pipes and cables.

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