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LED TVs are the latest type of TV to come onto the market. They are superior to older types of technologies in a number of ways including having better image quality as well as being lighter, slimmer and less hungry for power. The main drawback at this point in time is the cost however like all types of newer technologies the price premium you pay for an LED television will reduce over time.

If you own an LED TV that is damaged or faulty, we are experts at repairing this new type of technology and we service most major brands including Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Sharp and Sanyo. Typical issues we can fix or resolve include cracked or damaged screens, dead pixels or diodes, faulty image display, audio issues, power issues and cracked or damaged casings.

All of our repairs are guaranteed and in most cases we can quickly access replacement parts to ensure quick turnaround for repair jobs.

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